About FHL

Faith, Hope, and Love, International, Inc. and FHL CommUNITY


There are many needs in your own community that go unnoticed every day. Even in the best of societies, the uncertainties of life can result in people needing the most basic help from others. Many people say they want to get involved in their community, but they do not have the time or the availability to step away from their busy lives to make a positive difference.

The needs in our own neighborhood prompted by the unity of several organizations, were the inspiration behind the Faith, Hope and Love organization that began in Indianapolis, Indiana in April of 2005.

FHL is mobilizing our existing community resources and local area businesses to improve the social, economic and spiritual quality of people’s lives. We give individuals and groups the opportunity to volunteer and make a real difference in people’s lives. FHL answers the needs and longings of people to reach out with a sense of purpose and adventure, while building communities of faith, hope and love all around us.


Building communities of Faith, Hope and Love through facilitating active participation of local communities in improving neighborhoods and by helping those in need. We come together with one purpose: to love God and to love our neighbors.

Our vision is that, “One day, one nation will observe Faith Hope and Love day.”

FHL seeks to break down man’s walls of separation between churches, races, social status, government and education to unite people to show the compassion we were all created to give one another.

FHL envisions groups of people in and around the city to pinpoint and meet the specific needs within their own communities. Each group works autonomously to be what it wants to be with guidance from FHL. Mission trip without leaving home in July that culminates in a citywide festival celebration, and growing to include an outreach project every month of the year to provide people with ongoing opportunities for service and adventure. The possibilities to make an impact are endless!

It’s already begun. And it’s growing.

Numerous U.S. cities are being transformed through the collective efforts of ordinary people who live in the real world. FHL seeks to engage our residents in making our neighborhoods a better place to live. Who are those people who are transforming our world? People just like you!

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