Do you know that every 1% increase in food insecurity leads to 12% increase in violent crime?

Logically, that’s not hard to understand. If you take away one of the basic human needs at the point of desperation, a human being would do almost anything to satisfy that need.

Think about a person who is drowning. That person would do anything even to the extent of pulling the same person who is helping him/her to grasp a breath of air. Similarly, someone who is hungry may do some desperate things to fill the need to eat.

It is sometimes easy to judge a person who is lined up in a food pantry. It is also easy to find ourselves, who are helping others, to feel we are superior than them since we are the ones handing them food.

But at the core of our society, we are all interconnected. What happens to a person in Marion County may affect a family living in Hamilton County. Why? Out of desperation to feed your own children, you may steal or find ways to make fast cash. And, as the statistics revealed, a father whose children are hungry may commit crime in another area to provide food for the family.

We are interconnected.

As I work with different communities and various organizations, I see the tapestry of concerned citizens helping out. Some volunteer for a food pantry, while others work for a food bank. Others may work at a grocery store, and others may volunteer at a job training program. Still others may choose to pray in the privacy of their homes so that others may receive the help they need, and others would want to do nothing else but to clean a shelter so that a homeless person can have a clean and comfortable place to rest.

We are interconnected.

Like a person who has a tooth-ache, the entire body is miserable. A society is the same. When one part of it is miserable the rest will be affected in some other ways. Yes, every 1% increase in food insecurity leads to 12% increase in violent crime.

What you do counts; what you don’t do matters for others. A can of goods you donated to a food pantry matters. Your words matter to those who are in line at a food pantry as you volunteer to help. You prayers for others count because you matter.

We are interconnected.

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