Hundreds, even thousands of federal employees line up in charitable food distribution lines.

Airport security employees receiving free meals.

A restaurant chain company plans to provide free food.

What’s happening in the greatest country in the world?

Government shutdown, anticipation, presumptions, fear, speculations…
The ripple effect of the modern day (natural and man-made) catastrophes cannot be underestimated and contained in the present day. The wounds and the scars of the unexpected will remain in the history of our neighborhoods, cities, the entire  US.

However, the US government shutdown affects not just the US but the entire world. The government shut down does not affect the 800,000 government employees alone. It affects the businesses, it affects the education, the family, religions, arts/entertainment and of course the media. It affects all the sectors of our society. It affects the government benefits that are part of the fabric of our culture.

One of the benefits is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) known before as Food Stamp. The February SNAP benefit was already issued on January 16th. This means that the food pantries and other community resources will be busy and in much need in February and the following month/s.

This government shutdown affect the entire population , not just those who receive SNAP but all of us. Why? There was a study done by J.R. Caughron of Clemson Univ titled, “An Examination of Food Insecurity and its Impact on Violent Crime in American Communities” – 1% increase in food insecurity leads to 12% increase in violent crime (even isolating other predictors of violent crime).


We area all interconnected like a organism. When our finger hurts, we feel it and it bothers our entire physical being. The way we think affects our emotion and our character. Our past affects our future and our education affects our social lifestyle.

Similarly, this shutdown affects not only those who are working for the government but the entire US population. We are all interconnected. This shutdown affects not only our current time but the future of our country. When someone is hungry or cannot pay the bills, it affect our community.

On the other side of the equation, if we can decrease the food insecurity by 1%, the positive impact of it would create a chain of social, economic andspiritual effects in our neighborhoods including reduction of crime, hatred and family dynamics.

We are interconnected. When someone is suffering, our entire society suffers at one level or another.

Would you pray with me that we will realize that all of us can do something, no matter how small it is, we can impact something larger than ourselves. We can do something to encourage others because we are all interconnected.

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