Upholding Truth over Conformity

Many people are looking for truth.

A powerful man in the past named Pontius Pilate asked Jesus for the Truth. Two thousand years later, people from all walks of life are still asking for Truth. Some may have known about the Truth but have wandered away from it because of life circumstances or what the society is dictating them.

What is truth?” retorted Pilate.– John 18:38a (NIV)

Our society has affected the way we look at Truth and the way we apply truth in our lives. We don’t need to go far to hear different stories about it. One just needs to go to food pantries to find out about our culture. There are people who thought they know the Truth while others are really seeking for it.

Through FHL’s Missional training, we uphold the Truth over being relevant.

I thank God for the opportunity that He has shown us! Through trainings, conferences and incubating Missional Food Pantries (MFP), more and more people are sharing the Truth.  We do not need to act cool and create big events. We simply share the Truth and many people were set free – free from the bondage of sin, addictions and poverty (spiritual and physical). The truth is sounding forth like a trumpet or crashing out like a roll of thunder. And, because of our obedience to God,  more churches are attracted to become part of this move of God.

                            And now the word of the Lord is ringing out from you to people everywhere… – 1 Thessalonians 1:8a (NLT)

MFP is not a fad or a program that was modeled after whatever is popular at our time. It is not to be hip or to be relevant but to share the Truth. It is not about following what’s new but following the teachings of Jesus. It is not about trying to be attractive to the society but being authentic in our professed faith.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing hundreds of people being discipled to share the Truth in marketplaces starting from a simple outreach called food pantry. What we do – “It’s not just about food, but about relationship” may not be the popular way to operate a food pantry and may not be relevant to society but it is a powerful ministry that is upholding the Truth.

For more information about the MFP Training and Conferences, contact Merlin Gonzales at merlin@fhlinternational.org

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