Happy Memorial Day


I spend a lot of time in my yard.

IMG_6300This weekend, the birds have been blessing me with different songs they sing. They are not bothered by the chimes I have around, especially the large chime that sounds like a gong. The yellow finch likes to fly up and down as it passes near me while the pigeon makes its unique cooing sound. IMG_2807The Red-winged black bird likes to make funny sounds while swooping around and the Cardinal makes its 3 different sounds as it observes from a distance. Recently, my wife brought out a bird feeder for the woodpeckers.  Sure enough, it attracted at least one of them while a hummingbird siped some sweet water in a small hanging container.

They are all as beautiful as God created them. A Cardinal does not try to be a pigeon and a woodpecker does not question God about why it has to peck wood. As silly as it may seem to think about these things, they reveal truth about our uniqueness. Humans are by nature, the only creatures that try to change the way they were called and created to be. We also try to change others to fit our own little world and if we cannot change them, conflicts happen. Maybe we can create a more peaceful world when we honor our differences – a simple thing that may make a big difference in us and in others.

As we are about to end this Memorial Day weekend, please take time to celebrate others as God created them. Each of us has our unique individuality and beauty but are connected through our Creator. Let’s also remember those who sacrificed their own lives so that you and I can enjoy the beauty and blessings of our uniqueness. And, one more thing, try to listen to the different songs of birds everywhere. They are magnificent!

One Reply to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. God Bless and thanks for reminding us. We all need to take the time and not only observe and listen to the birds, but also, time to smell the roses. We always need reminders to celebrate the uniqueness in each individual creature; especially the Human Ones! Amen

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