…the deeper role of food pantries and soup kitchens


The different sectors of our society have been talking about ways to shorten the line at charitable organizations including food pantries and soup kitchens. At political campaigns we hear about the importance of building community and engaging the neighborhoods to solve the ever growing lines of people in need of food assistance…to uncover the deeper role of food pantries and soup kitchens.

This is at the heart of FHL’s mission – in the process of providing food is to find other ways to assist those in need.

  • The creation of the monthly Table Talk provides a platform where food pantry and soup kitchen leaders can discuss issues and to collaborate to tackle hunger together as a community.
  • The opening of the FHL Training Food Pantry in August provides not only food for the neighborhoods but also on-the-job training for the volunteers in different pantries and kitchens.
  • The FHL warehouse in the East side of Indy is now regularly serving 8+ food pantries to help in food supplies, transportation and temporary storage.
  • The manual for the  Food Pantry Incubation classes is being updated on a regular basis to ensure that volunteers are receiving cutting edge training and equipping to serve those in need beyond food give aways.

Your prayers and support is helping us to serve the neighborhoods through community building and engagement, research and development, training, warehousing, transportation and administration. Through our various partners, FHL will be distributing this year an estimated $1M worth of groceries to different food pantries not including the intangibles such as training, incubating and warehousing/transportation administration.

Once again, thank you for your continued prayers and support.

The FHL Team


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