“My son died of drug overdose…”

…says a father whom I prayed for last Saturday.

It was a busy Saturday for FHL. We had Monte de Sion & Lirio de los Valles started simultaneously at 10am. Between the 2 pantries we served 90+ families and 1 person accepted Jesus in his heart.

Pantry of Hope at B&G is now a part of the community
Pantry of Hope at B&G is now a part of the community

At 1p, I had head to B&G near Beech Grove for the 2pm Pantry of Hope. FHL incubated this food pantry 4 years ago and they have been a part of the surrounding neighborhoods. I met the Pastor of a new church plant in Beech Grove. He brought a team of 5 people who helped out in ushering and in food distribution.

Because of personal schedules of our prayer team, I found myself the only one praying for people. As soon as the pantry start at 2p, I was non stop praying and blessing people. Here are some of the prayer requests:

  • My son died of drug overdose last week. He was only 33 years old. Please pray for my family, we are all grieving.”
  • “Pray for my friend, she’s dying of liver cancer.” As I prayed for her friend, I saw a person who needed more than just food. Her skin was yellow and her face reflected the condition of her heart.
  • Pray for me to break my drug addiction“, asked a woman in her 30’s. After praying for her, she accepted Jesus in her heart!

At the end of 46 minutes, the pantry served 70+ families and I prayed for about 25 persons. We could have prayed for more people but there’s not enough time to spend time for each of the pantry recipients.

I would like to invite you (if you are in central Indiana area) to visit our pantries and experience the joy of serving and touching people’s lives. We need help in our prayer team, office and admin work, partnerships and sponsorships. Visit our Gallery to see some of our food pantries.

Please contact merlin@fhlinternational.org for more information how you can be a part of transforming communities through missional food pantries.

God bless,


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